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Hi. I’m Kit Becker, an Atlanta based user experience designer. Feel free to view my most recent work or download my resume. If I can help, please reach out.

The Signature Seller Program

The signature seller program was started to help homeowners take advantage of the marketplace. By selling their property on hubzu they can grab the attention of investors across the country and keep more of the value of their home at closing.

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Proxy Bidding

Online auctions are nothing new. Participating in an online foreclosure auction is. Traditionally foreclosure sales happen in person with bidders holding cash in hand that day. Proxy bidding is an innovative way around that.

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Ideal Shredders

Representatives of Ideal came to my agency looking to expand their distribution to the United States. With this new start they also wanted to take a different approach that set them apart from more typical office support and supply companies.

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ideal Shredders
the Vortex and Bone Garden

The Vortex & Bone Garden

I’ve had the pleasure to work with both Michael and Kristen Benoit, the owners of the Vortex and the Bone Garden. My task was both to bring their websites up to date and bring forth the unique personalities of the two very different restaurants.

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About Me

I’ve carried a wide range of responsibilities throughout my career. I’ve worked primarily on small teams which means I’ve had to learn, adapt and problem solve. I’ve been able to meet the challenge whether it was designing in new formats for unusual requirements or just trouble shooting code.

My agency experience has let me work with a lot of different companies. One of the best parts of the job is getting to know people and how their business works. By understanding them and their clientele I can visualize a user, take that empathy and apply it to design.

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Extra : a small collection of experiments, offshoots and personal projects.