The Signature Seller Program

The signature seller program was started to help homeowners take advantage of the Hubzu marketplace. By selling their property on hubzu they can grab the attention of investors across the country and keep more of the value of their home at closing.

My Contributions
I was the lead designer on this project, collaborating with two others. I was specifically charged with designing the landing page, onboarding process and the admin interface. I gave direction and provided wire frames for certain areas of the seller and agent interfaces.

Interviews with those running the program in its current state revealed a number of issues. There was a high dropout rate, possibly due to a long and disjointed registration and verification process. Another issue was that due to the pandemic the program was going to be marketed heavily as many people behind on their mortgages would be looking to avoid foreclosure. In its current state the program was too cumbersome to handle adding sellers in bulk and need to become more efficient.

Current Problems

  • Handling sellers is cumbersome and requires too much from a single admin. Solution: Create a consolidated admin interface.
  • The process takes too long and has a high dropout rate. Solution: Create a streamlined onboarding process.
  • New customers have difficulty understanding how the process works. Solution: Create a simple interface that keeps sellers in the loop.

The Interface: User Roles


The admin has a lot on their plate. They’re in charge of reviewing new sellers and their properties as well as shepherding those properties through the auction process. They'll use the system on a daily basis and quickly gain familiarity. The primary goals here would be to provide advanced controls and minimize steps.


The primary objective in handling users is to keep them updated on what happens next and keeping them appraised their property’s status. Sellers won't be familiar with the system and will have fewer tasks. They'll need a more simplified interface.


The Agent’s job is to be the primary contact for the seller. It’s their responsibility to help the seller with listing and MLS information. Most agents will be Hubzu employees but won't be spending a lot of time in the system. Their interface should be less complicated but allow them to see and manage new clients and the properties that are being added.

The Admin Interface

By consolidating the admin’s work into a single interface we increase their efficiency. This also allows us to maintain awareness of a seller’s status. By helping them coordinate between the seller and agent, a property can get to auction quickly.

User Management
This is where the admin will see new sign-ups that need to be completed as well as those completed pending approval. We have the profile Management split between agents and sellers to prevent confusion.

Property Management
Here we have properties that are incomplete. The final step being the listing info which will schedule them for auction. In this view the admin can get a quick run down of the remaining steps for each property.

Editing and Adding Properties
Here we can see everything that needs to be added to a property before it can be scheduled for auction. I added a sticky progress bar as both navigation and a way to inform the user about remaining steps.

Flexible Format
Each property status has its own set of information. I wanted to have a card type that could keep consistent despite having different types and amounts of information.

Color Coded
Each property status has a color associated with it for quick identification.

Different Views
The admin can toggle between viewing the info as cards with larger visuals or and more orderly rows.

The Administrator's Dashboard
The dash is dense with information. This allows an admin to quickly find out what needs to be done, who's it for or what property is involved.

The Seller Interface
I wanted to have a simplified interface for the seller that made it very clear the items that need to happen next. Primarily they'll need to add an agent if they've haven't opted to use one provided by Hubzu. The seller can also start adding the property but will need assistance from the agent to complete the process. Here we have an overview of all the steps and their status. In this particular area I created the wireframes for two other designers to reference.

Onboarding New Sellers

The Onboarding Process
There are some key pieces of information we need here but the goal is not to overwhelm the user. We need just enough information about them to create the account and address their immediate needs.

sig onboarding

Selling Potential Sellers
The first step in the chain: entice a visitor with the ability to get some real numbers on savings.

sig onboarding

The Oboarding Dialog The process is broken down into small quick steps.

sig onboarding